Thursday, 12 April 2012

This is the beginning of my life with the van.

I went to fetch it in Stuttgart, Germany, a happy 1st of April after spending countless hours on the internet during the two last years. A Volkswagen minibus of 1998. Money had to come from Art. Most of it was provided by the New York Public Library which acquired my platinum print of the St Laurent Glasses sold at the annual photography auction at Christie's last November. The rest came from selling prints to American collectors  which I have met through blogging. May they be thanked with all my heart.I have spent many long winter evenings dreaming about it and now it his here, neatly parked in front of the gate waiting to be fitted with the basic necessities before we can face the world together, make life a new adventure and turn it into more art.

a perfect surfing afternoon. 
First days of April, 
first pictures.   


  1. Dear Friend:
    Men (I am one!) wander because they can, and because they have to. Thanks for including us in your journey.
    Peter Pehrson
    Hudson, New York USA

  2. Thank you Peter for this kind note.