Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Robin Kegel

Robin,the soul and the mind behind  Gato Heroi,
is also one of the most brilliant stars in the constellation of 
long board surfing. 


  1. i like the van "rules"...

    i am just looking down off our cliff to the sea, in the distance tenn and owen, surfing after school.

    tenn with his 9 foot blue longboard, owen on a much shorter board...thinking - how much energy it takes to get that long board turned 'round and barrelling !

    I give a loud cheer from my cliffside perch when he stands...a mother's pride.

    i like the new photographic aesthetic - such a long way from our digital perfection!



  2. Yay, Ivan, for the argument and its vindication. Subtly your van is acquiring the diversification of the omnibus it promised to be, by being yours in the first place, without depleting the elation which is its fuel. I was afraid this thing would be good.


  3. It will I hope improve as the surfing itself does. They depend on each other.